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Taylor Justin - Pop Art.jpg

Bowyn is a West Coast band with a West London feel. It’s blues-inspired chamber pop that comes with a surgeon general’s warning. It’s a cabal of wizards disguised as musicians trying to lay low and conjure art.

It’s a goddamn eucatastrophe.

Bowyn has performed at the Barboza in Seattle, WA and held private shows at Generations in Seattle and the Center of the Arts in Grass Valley, CA, as well as opening for Storm Large of Pink Martini. They will be performing in clubs, musically curated venues, and festivals as they develop their name and recognition.

Bowyn wants to be the soundtrack for long drives, windows down, people belting along with the lyrics. They want to make landscapes more dramatic, moments more poignant, everyone more empowered. Feminist af, intersectionally-minded and completely cosmopolitan, Bowyn not only wants to rock out but be the new anthem band for fresh woke minds.

You just wait, they’ll be writing a James Bond opening credits song soon.