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Bowyn is a West Coast band with a West London feel. It’s blues-inspired chamber pop that comes with a surgeon general’s warning. It’s three wizards, a vampire and a werewolf disguised as musicians trying to lay low and conjure art.

It’s a goddamn eucatastrophe.

The Band

Bowyn is new, but the band’s connections are not. The bandmates jammed together as kids, then went their separate ways and each trained in the musical dark arts alone. As they became experienced and accomplished individual musicians in their own right, they felt an irresistible pull toward each other again: it was the time of the Gathering, when the band Bowyn would come together again.

Bowyn is scattered across the West Coast: members are currently in Seattle, Portland, Oakland, and secret parts unknown. Though they all have creative careers in their respective cities, they’ve harnessed the power of the internet (and Southwest Airlines sales) to create a band not based in one city, but all over the West.

Taylor Bowyn, band founder, lead singer and main songwriter, has a one-of-a-kind voice that has been known to blow doors of their hinges. Justin Hansen, keyboard and piano genius, brings a counterpart perspective to Taylor’s creativity, as well as backing cello. Master of strings Matisse Geenty adds a unique sound to the band with her strings, be they guitar or violin. Virtuoso bassist Adam Metroka, and Drums and electronics maestro Beau Askew, round out Bowyn’s sound, an alloy between classic and cutting edge. It’s just a matter of time before they record the next Bond theme.


Bowyn is a brand new band, but already they have performed at the Center of the Arts in Grass Valley, CA and held private shows at Generations in Seattle, WA, as well as opening for Storm Large of Pink Martini. They will be performing in clubs, musically curated venues, and festivals as they develop their name and recognition.

The Future

Bowyn wants to be the soundtrack for long drives, windows down, people belting along with the lyrics. They want to make landscapes more dramatic, moments more poignant, everyone more empowered. Feminist af, intersectionally-minded and completely cosmopolitan, Bowyn not only wants to rock out but be the new anthem band for fresh woke minds.

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taylor2Taylor Bowyn

Lead Vocals / Songwriter

Taylor has been a performer her entire life. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a degree in Music Composition. Without a doubt, she is a rock star as well as a warrior; while it is never her intention, she makes no apologies if she scares you a little bit. Her songwriting tells stories authentic to modern life (and all the whirlwind it entails) and isn’t afraid to shy away from hitting uncomfortable truths on the head. Taylor has a one-of-a-kind voice that has been known to blow doors off their hinges..


justinJustin Hansen

Piano / Keyboards / Vocals / Cello

Justin is a virtuoso on they keys, and also plays a mean cello. He graduated from Dixie State University and the Seattle Film Institute. In addition to performing and teaching piano, Justin is an accomplished composer– current commissions include the Seattle Women’s Choir for their 2018/2019 season. He also runs a robust teaching studio. Justin is deeply knowledgeable about music and brings a counterpart perspective to Taylor’s creativity.



matisseMatisse Geenty

Violin / Guitar / Additional Strings / Vocals

Matisse began playing the violin when she was five years old. Since then she has expanded to any instrument that uses strings. She graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Music and overarchingly describes herself as a curator, currently focusing on multi-disciplinary performance installations. She’s dedicated to helping emerging artists create thriving careers and the hustle of the creative biz. Matisse’s violin is a big part of what makes Bowyn’s sound unique.


adamAdam Metroka

Bass / Vocals

Having spent his latter teenage years singing in choirs and playing behind a drum kit, Adam went to CSU Northridge to study music. He became interested in jazz and picked up the bass, learning improvisation and communication. Making music has since become his full-time job. Adam shreds on the bass and brings an incredible amount of talent and sultry side eye to the band.



beauBeau Askew

Drums / Electronics

In addition to his skill at the drums and his perfect time, Beau brings an enthusiasm and energy that is the band’s lifeblood. He is an accomplished touring musician, currently performing with Dustin Thomas and the Animal Kingdom in addition to Bowyn. Beau travels the country as a studio musician, gives drum clinics, and runs a teaching studio out of his native California.